The Top 9 Kitchen Accessories and Appliances Design Hacks You Need

July 30, 2021

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9 Kitchen Accessories and Appliances Design Hacks

There are hacks that you know you need, such as life hacks and budget hacks. But, we at Story of Home Decals have put together our top 9 kitchen design hacks and shortcuts you never knew you needed. Well, at least until now.

Sit back and pull out your appliances as we ready them for the top 9 kitchen accessories and appliances design hacks you never knew you needed in 2021.

  • Roll-up Kitchen Rack
  • These space-saving racks can be used for drying dishes and mugs or even setting your vegetables on to wash. All with a space-saving design you never knew you needed.

  • Repurposed Roller
  • One of the best ways to use and reuse your kitchen tools is to place a roller under the sink and attach it to the door to grab garbage bags in a flash!

  • Cutting Board Wire Rack
  • Hide your cutting boards while keeping them accessible in this organizational pro tip of attaching a wire rack to the inside of a cabinet door as a placeholder for your cutting boards.

  • Set up a small appliance cabinet
  • There’s nothing that feels more cluttered and the exact opposite of design-friendly than small appliances on your kitchen counter. Add a space just for these small appliances and then set them out in a pinch.

  • Piece of Cake
  • One of the most useful hacks we’ve seen is to use a cake stand to display your kitchen accessories from soap and sponge to bowls and more!

  • Lift Off
  • Everyone can use more counter space. In fact, one of the best hacks out there is to take all your storage jars and place them in a mounted rack and trays to your walls. 3-2-1 lift off!

  • Shelves to Your Shelves
  • Not only is an appliance cabinet a must, but adding wire shelves within those cabinets stretches the space so you can be sure all clutter is gone for good.

  • What a Crock!
  • Capitalize on one of the easiest and best appliance hacks by adding a vinyl decal to your crockpot, instapot or air fryer to make your appliance a design element in itself.


    Custom Decals that say, ‘give thanks with a grateful heart’ on a kitchen appliance.

  • Coffee Corner
  • All great kitchen designs have a place for everything and everything in its place. Add a corner for all your coffee needs and, as a bonus, you can add vinyl decals to your coffee mugs and display with pride!


    Custom Decals that say, ‘rise and grind sunshine’ on a coffee cup.


    Design hacks are often so simple we miss them. However, with this handy guide, your kitchen will soon be simplified, organized and ready to get cooking!

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