How to Create a Cozy Seasonal Guest Retreat

December 27, 2021

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Holiday season 2020 was met with so much anticipation and hesitancy. While the same is true as we are still in the midst of a pandemic, this holiday season in 2021 feels much different as many families feel safer to welcome guests and gather indoors even as the weather turns cooler outdoors.

No matter when you plan to open your doors to welcome in friends or family, one thing is clear: You want your home to be a haven for your guests, whether they are here for one night or for a week.

Here are 6 ways you can create more than simply a Guest Room — but a Guest Retreat.

  1. Sheets

Nothing says cozy quite like a fresh pair of sheets. While you don’t have to splurge hundreds and hundreds on threads that will make a king envy, you should at least invest in quality thread counts from Amazon, Target and Walmart.

  1. Bedding

How your bed looks is as important as how it feels when it comes to creating a cozy space your friends and family will love. Add layers of pillows on top of luxurious comforters that denote the season.

  1. Books

Creating a guest retreat can also mean adding a mini library filled with books to explore. From a favorite non-fiction to a lively fictional read, arranging books on a night stand or within a bookshelf or even floating shelves does more than engage the mind — it also engages the eyes, too, as it adds a decorative element.

  1. Declutter

Make room for your guests to make room for their things! Clearing off space or providing a luggage stand is a surefire way to invite your guests to come in, unpack and stay a while. Make sure to do a clean sweep of the guest room to remove items you’ve been storing in closets or dresser drawers to give them a space to call their own.

  1. Basics

Don’t forget to provide simple amenities such as a lamp for lighting, a place to sit or even an extra charger and toiletries in case they need them. While you are at it, leave out soap and towels for an added touch that shows you’ve thought of their every need — and then some!

  1. Come in

Welcome your guest into their room with a friendly vinyl decal for guest rooms with this one that simply states this is their room — and theirs alone! This also can serve as a temporary reminder that this room is off-limits for the kids in the house, so your guest has maximum privacy and a place to retreat to.


Wall decal for bedroom that says ‘Guest Room’ on a bedroom door.


Last but not least, make sure your walls are as welcoming of your guests as you are this season with a quote that inspires relaxation with our vinyl wall decals for bedrooms. Your guests will thank you for making them feel like they are welcomed into a home away from home!

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