Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

September 01, 2021 1 Comment

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Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

Let’s talk about living room walls. It’s probably the space you want to get right more than any other in your home. But, as you likely have experienced — it’s also not the easiest to nail.

Have no fear! We are here to help you navigate the ever-changing world of wall decor with this handy-dandy guide.

10 Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

  • Gallery Wall
  • Just because you don’t live in a museum doesn’t mean you can’t curate a wall worthy of one. Browse online galleries for inspiration, and then hit up your local art depot or home goods store to score art fit for the creative you are.

  • Paint a Mural
  • There are accent walls, then there are mural walls. Grab some paint and vinyl wall decals to serve as stencils and bring a touch of modern, hip flair to your otherwise bare living room walls.

  • Hang Wall Plants
  • Hanging wall plants aren’t for your mom anymore. In fact, hanging foliage has come a long way since the decades of the 1980s/90s living rooms. Finding the right mix of faux plants adds visual depth while breathing life into your living room walls.

  • Hang Fabric
  • Soft fabrics aren’t just for blankets and sofas. They fit well on your walls, too! Grab a tapestry to add some color or bring warmth and softness to an otherwise dull space. 

  • Mirror, Mirror On the Wall
  • A mirror wall does more than add interest — it can add depth to a smaller living room, too. Grab mirrors of all shapes and sizes to reflect not only the room — but your personality, too!

  • Hang Shelving
  • It’s no secret we are a big fan of shelving. With so much versatility, it’s no wonder it’s one of the easiest ways to decorate your living room walls. Either add a large one or group several small ones and place knick-knacks, quotes, wooden signs and more. The sky’s the limit!

  • Add Baskets
  • Baskets, baskets everywhere! Indeed, baskets are incredible accent pieces you can add to bring texture and neutral tones to your living room wall decor. Add some pops of color in the form of the baskets’ contents, and you are bringing your decor to a whole new level.

  • Creativity with Calendar
  • While calendars are typically reserved for the kitchen or mud room, it doesn’t have to be this way. Add an oversize calendar to your living room walls and showcase the fun family activities and holidays you are celebrating — in style!

  • Display a Collection
  • Do you collect coins? Bikes? Maps? Your living room wall is a fantastic place to display your passions, while adding your personality, too. Almost any collection can serve as not only a focal point — but a talking point, too!

  • Oversized Quote
  • Vinyl wall decals for living rooms are all the rage — for good reason. From whimsical quotes to inspirational sayings, there is sure to be a custom vinyl wall decal that fits your living room just right, at a fraction of the price (and time) of all other living room wall decor ideas. 


    Living room wall decals that say ‘and I think to myself what a wonderful world’ on a living room wall.


    No matter how you want to decorate your living room walls, there’s bound to be an idea that fits not only your walls — but is a perfect fit for you, too.


    For more ideas check out this article from our good friends at Redfin: Liven Up Your Walls : 13 Unique Wall Art Ideas For Your Home. It is full of fantastic wall decor ideas that you will love! 

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    pamela mcleod
    pamela mcleod

    October 07, 2022

    received my welcome to the jungle stencil for my door….it is beautiful! i love it ….i have a leopard in a tree stencil below it and i have foligage plants on both sides of door….it really stands out so i know where i’m going if i need more stencils thank you!

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