How to Get a Luxury Spa Experience at Home

July 15, 2021 1 Comment

Wall decals for bathroom that say ‘how to get a luxury spa experience at home’ on a bathroom wall.

Get a Luxury Spa Experience at Home



What comes to mind when you think about luxury, sauna, massages and bubbles? A spa, of course!

Gone are the days of having to venture out to get the spa experience of your dreams. Instead, with just the right touches, you can create a spa experience right in your own home. In fact, you can make your master bathroom, or even your guest bathroom, the retreat of your dreams with just a few easy steps.

  • Declutter
  • If your space is a mess visually, there are few chances you’ll be able to relax. Take time to clear the clutter. This means moving all clutter off the countertops and taking time to clean your surroundings. As a bonus, add decorative bins for towels and washcloths and grab a bath tray, too. Take some inspiration from Marie Kondo for her simple bathroom organizing solutions. Not only will it spark joy, but it’ll do the added job of sparking stress relief!

  • Get Salty
  • Baths aren’t only for relaxation. In fact, they can have healing powers, too. With an array of aromas and scents, there’s an epsom salt for everyone. Add some to a soaking bath after a hard workout to relieve soreness and stress and promote recovery. Additionally, epsom salts can be used to soften the skin while you soak. There’s a wide variety of scents including Hemp Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Champagne, Eucalyptus & Spearmint and more.

  • Just Breathe
  • ...with your favorite candle. There’s truly no luxury experience like lighting candles and dimming the lights. You can add a wall candle display for a truly luxurious experience, or just line your bathtub with a variety of candles at different sizes for visual appeal. No matter what candles you add to your bathroom, no spa experience is complete without them. Dim the lights, and light ‘em up for an experience like no other.

  • Play On
  • One of the most overlooked spa experiences is the addition of music. There’s nothing that can kill a mood quicker than hearing traffic outside your window or kids yelling downstairs. Yet, this sense is one of the most necessary to ensure your experience is the fullest. Calm all your senses with the addition of tranquil spa music to your bathroom. Load up Spotify with a spa playlist you can ask Alexa or Siri to play on a dime when you enter your retreat and allow the full experience of all senses to relax not only your body, but your mind, too.


    Wall decals for bathroom that say ‘Soak. Relax. Enjoy.’ on a bathroom wall.

  • Wall Decals
  • Last but not least, spruce up your walls visually with welcoming, spa-like vinyl wall decals for bathrooms. There’s something simple about reminding ourselves visually that our bathroom is greeting us with an open invitation to relax, unwind and stay a while. From fun sayings “Get Naked and Relax” to “Happiness is a Long Bubble Bath”, you’ll add a smile to your retreat. Decals such as “Just Breathe” and “Soak, Relax, Enjoy” remind us why we love having a spa-like atmosphere to begin with.

    As you can see, there are endless options to creating an unforgettable spa experience in your own home. In fact, we have the perfect vinyl wall decal for bathrooms waiting for you as the finishing touch to your surroundings. Go ahead and relax!

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