5 Inexpensive Decorative Touches for Your Bedroom

July 02, 2021 1 Comment

Wall decal for bedroom that says ‘5 inexpensive decorative touches for your bedroom’ on a bedroom wall.

5 Decorative Touches for Your Bedroom 

Your haven. Your safe place. Your peaceful quarters. Your rest area. Your ... bedroom. 

Sometimes our favorite rooms are the ones we don’t redecorate immediately. However, when it comes to the place you spend your most downtime in, it’s a good idea to make it a priority. 

No matter what, as you are looking for ways to decorate your bedroom on a budget, you might be wondering where to start.

In the final installment of our four-part series where we are breaking down affordable design tips within reach, we’re tackling five financially friendly decorative touches for your bedroom:

  • Rearrange your room
  • Sometimes, the easiest updates are the simplest. Take a survey of your room. From your bed position to dresser and side tables, could a simple rearrangement open up the room? Perhaps it’s moving your dresser to the closet and adding a chair and reading nook. Or it’s moving a table from in front of a window to expose more light. No matter what you do, a little rearranging can go a long way on a short budget.

  • Add Tapestries
  • Whether hung from the ceiling or used in place of a headboard, using tapestries creatively can add interest to your space at a fraction of the cost. Use bold tapestries to liven up a neutral pallet. Or, use more neutral tapestries to anchor your bedroom in an eye-catching way. 

  • Refresh Your Frames
  • Who needs all new artwork when you can change out the frames you have? Whether it’s swapping black frames for white frames, chunky frames for sleek lines or adding a pop of color, there are countless ways to update your room simply by changing the frames you have.

  • Curtain Call
  • If you don’t have curtains, an easy way to update your bedroom on a dime — and in a flash  — is to add curtains to your existing windows. You can go heavy and formal to add flair to a more traditional room, or go whimsical and wispy to frame the windows in a simple style. Alternately, you can raise your curtain rods and hang your curtains closer to the ceiling to add height and depth to your bedroom.

  • Decal It
  • Vinyl wall decals are not only one of the most versatile additions to any design idea for your bedroom, but they are hands-down among the least expensive. For less than the price of a new lamp, you can choose from a wide array of vinyl wall decals for your bedroom. Choose from sassy and humorous to sweet and romantic, or inspirational to informational. There truly is a vinyl wall decal for everyone looking to update their bedroom on a budget.


    Wall decal for bedroom that says ‘all of me loves all of you’ on a bedroom wall.


    Vinyl wall decals are easy to choose, easy to apply and even easier to love. Check out our collection of affordable vinyl wall decals that not only will save your budget and your time — but your sanity, too!

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