Wall Decor to Inspire Your Mood

October 07, 2021

Picture of a table with a coffee cup and a plant with a graphic overlay that says, 'Wall decor to inspire your mood.'

“It’s a whole vibe.” 

This is more than just slang about the new, hip restaurant around the corner. It’s also a testament to just how vital our surroundings are for our mental health. For years, even before the popular feng shui movement, designers have been working to unlock the correlation between our surroundings and our moods.

While the jury is still out for some as to how deeply the bond is, most of us can share anecdotal evidence of how our surroundings can either motivate us or calm us in an instant.

Same is true especially for our walls. No matter if you need motivation or peace, we’ve got you  — and your surroundings — covered.

Motivational Mood

There’s not much more inspiring than a motivational quote on your office wall right when you need it. From home office to your office space, simple reminders to believe in yourself can go a long way to change your mood from unmotivated to motivated in a heartbeat.


Wall decal for the office that says ‘believe in yourelf’ on an office wall.


(Also, for the 2000 hip hop fans in the crowd, or even for your teenager, nothing like a good Rick Ross reference to create just the right vibe while knocking out projects day in and day out.)


Wall decal for the office that says ‘Every day I'm hustlin’ on an office wall.


Inspirational Mood

Sometimes we need more than a little external hustle. Often, we need some internal inspiration to do the talking. In fact, a reminder that just one small positive thought can be what we need to change the day for the better offers the exact inspiration we need at the exact time we need it.


Wall decal for the office that says ‘one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day’ on an office wall.


Soulful Mood

When we want to feel light and airy, we can open up the blinds and allow ourselves to soak in the truth that all is well. And when all is well with our souls, then all is well with our moods, too.


Living room wall decals that say ‘it is well with my soul’ on a living room wall.


Playful Mood

Laughter is good for the heart — and it’s good for our moods, too. Not much can change us like the gift of giggles. This playful vinyl wall decal is sure to make anyone smile as they, ahem, take a seat.


Wall decals for bathroom that say ‘hello sweet cheeks’ on a bathroom mirror.


Sassy Mood

It’s OK to be a little sassy from time to time. In fact, when it comes to relationships, it’s often welcome in the right places. This vinyl wall decal is sure to bring out the sassy side — and sassy mood — each time you see it. And that’s a good thing!


Wall decal for bedroom that says ‘I like her butt I like his beard’ on a bedroom wall.


Peaceful Mood

We all want calm surroundings, especially when the world is in chaos. With serene vinyl wall decals like this one for the bath, you’ll be encouraged to relax, unwind and soak for a little bit.


Wall decals for bathroom that say ‘relax refresh renew’ on a bathroom wall.


No matter what mood you are bound to be in when you first wake up to how you end your day, the more intentional you can be with how you order your surroundings, the better. With vinyl wall decals, the sky is the limit for the mood you want to create through the words and quotes you choose to see each day!

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