Vinyl Wall Decal Choices for Every Nursery

March 10, 2021

Wall decal for kids that says ‘Wall decals for every nursery’ on a kid’s room wall.

Wall Decals For Kids

There are few things as precious in life as welcoming a new baby home. Whether you are expecting a baby boy, a baby boy, both or even more, your world is about to be filled with a lot of changes — and a lot of pricey equipment and projects.

On top of the lists of essential items baby will need, decorating your baby’s nursery should be a project filled with joy and happiness — not headaches and frustration.

This is where choosing wall decals for kids comes in handy. From the nursery years and beyond, vinyl wall decals are versatile, easy to use and even easier to change as your baby grows. All at a price that won’t break the bank.

Let’s face it, you have a lot of expenses coming your way. Your nursery wall decorations shouldn’t be one of them. Save your splurges for the crib, glider, stroller or college and instead pick up vinyl wall decals that will inspire oohs and ahhs, right along with your little one.

While there are a wide range of warm and whimsy vinyl wall decal designs, below are a few top pics from our designers, as well as what makes each of these a great choice for any and every nursery.

Baby Girl Vinyl Wall Decals

  1. Little She Shed

For trend-setting parents of little girls, this vinyl wall decal for kids will add a touch of sass to a baby girl’s nursery.

Wall decal for kids that says, 'Girl: a giggle with glitter on it' on a nursery wall.
  1. Girl (n)

Sugar and spice are given for baby girls, but what about a little bit of glitter? This vinyl decal is a must-have for that touch of nursery wall sparkle.

Baby Boy Nursery Vinyl Wall Decals

1. Little Man Cave

Man caves aren’t just for dads anymore. This fun wall vinyl decal for kids is one way to deck out your littlest man’s nursery cave.

Wall decals for kids that says, 'Boy: a noise with dirt on it' on a nursery wall.

One of the gifts little boys bring is the gift of noise. Sprinkle in a little dirt and that is what little boys are made of!

Gender-Neutral Nursery Vinyl Wall Decals

Wall decal for kids that has the alphabet listed on a nursery wall.

1. ABC 


You can’t go wrong displaying the ABCs in your baby’s nursery. Not only is it educational, but with a few styles to choose from, it makes for a beautiful display as well.


2. Always Be Kind

Your baby will never be too young to learn about kindness. Teach them this phrase young, and remind your sweet young one to continue to choose kindness as they grow!

No matter which decal you choose, you can’t go wrong with a wide array of removable vinyl wall decals for your nursery. Not only are they versatile and affordable, but they add just the right pop of interest for your baby as they grow. 

Combine the alphabet with an inspirational quote or two, and consider your nursery ready for the greatest gift you can bring into your home: The gift of a new baby — or maybe even two!

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