The Story of Kacie’s Home: Custom Project Highlight

January 25, 2021

Wood board customized with vinyl wall decals to say 'welcome home for the holiday'

Customized Wood Signs

At Story of Home Decals, we believe that every home has a story to tell. And that the best rooms say something about the families that live in them. 

Along with the wide selection of vinyl decals for every part of your home, including wall decals for the bedroom, bathroom mirror decals, living room wall decals and more, there’s another piece of the story near and dear to our hearts: Designing custom vinyl decals to help our clients create memories together with family. 

In this series, we will highlight custom projects with the hopes of inspiring you to think bigger, bolder and brighter about all the ways you can use vinyl decals to create the design piece of your dreams. As well as fun ways to incorporate your family in all the designing fun!

  1. The Customer

Kacie, a wife, mother of two and nurse.

  1. The Project

As the holiday season came upon us, Kacie reached out for a unique project that was to include vinyl decals. 

Specifically, the vinyl decals were to be used for lettering as well as stenciling for a Christmas craft she wanted to display at the front of her home.

  1. Why Was This Important to the Client?

During the pre-design stage, Kacie expressed that originally this project was to be for her home only. However, she realized that the project could be more than just a creative holiday decor piece, it could be a gift idea for friends, and it could be a fun and memorable project to complete with her mother. 

As such, It was important for her to have the decals in plenty of time to not only create the gifts, but to also create the memories with mom while she was in town leading up to the holidays. 

  1. When Did the Client Want the Decals Delivered?

Time was of the essence as the vinyl decal lettering needed to be delivered in time to make the crafts before Christmas. We expedited the custom design process and had a proof available for her review later the same day. 

  1. Were the Decals Delivered On Time?

After customization chats and details nailed down, Kacie had vinyl decals and stencils within 48 hours after production started!

  1. How Did the Client Request the Decals to be Delivered?

Kacie wanted the decals in the form of lettering, but she also wanted stencils to serve as outlines to lay down for transfer and painting. 

  1. What Creative Liberty and Direction Did the Client Give?

Kacie gave us a few images and font ideas as a guide, but allowed us some liberty to match fonts as closely as possible and specific truck and tree designs as closely as we could. 

Artwork image used to create a vinyl wall decal displaying a truck with a Christmas tree in the back.
  1. What Was the Final Look and Feel of the Project?

The final look and feel was that of a custom hand-painted board you would expect to get from a board-and-brush type experience — but for a small fraction of the price! It’s amazing what a little creativity and vinyl decals can do for a project! 

  1. What was the Client’s Feedback?

It was exactly what she was after! Kacie even said she had people come to her afterwards wanting her to make them one, too. And the best part was the quality time spent with her mother during the holiday season. Memories that will last a lifetime! 

  1. What Project Tips Would You Give to Others?

Stenciling on a project like this gives you color liberty with what you want to put on your sign at a lower cost than just vinyl lettering. It’s an easy way to get versatility since you don’t have to pay for various colors of vinyl.

It’s also an easy way to create complex, elaborate paint designs without having to be artistically gifted. You just lay down the stencil and a few dabs of paint will reveal a beautiful hand-painted design. 

Custom Vinyl Lettering Ordering

If you are interested in ordering custom vinyl decals, we’d love to chat! The possibilities are endless when it comes to custom applications. We always love hearing all of the new ways you would like to use vinyl decals. 

Please email us for a quote to get started today:

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