Stay Sane With These 5 Playroom Refresh Hacks

April 13, 2021

Wall decals for kids that says, 'Stay sane with these 5 playroom refresh hacks' on a kids bedroom wall.

Kids Room Decor Ideas

Let’s face it: We’re ready to get outside. Everyone has been cooped up. A lot. Between winter, and Covid lockdowns, it’s difficult to recognize anything resembling sanity most days.

But fear not! We can help you shake off those winter and covid blues.

In fact, with a few simple tricks and updates, you can refresh yourself and your home decor as we head into the spring season. 

Today we are focusing on the playroom. And if yours is anything like mine, it looks as though a bomb has gone off 90% of the time! But here are a few tips to refresh that playroom. 

5 Playroom Refresh Hacks to Try:

  • Rug Redeux

  • Rugs aren’t just for the dining room anymore. Add texture and fun with area rugs that are both inexpensive and OK to be spilled on, painted on, wrestled on and more! 

    Both Target and IKEA have children’s rugs you can pile on top of hardwood or carpet to bring some texture — and sanity — back into your playroom. 

  • Baskets and Baskets, Oh My!

  • Instead of taking the time to painstakingly organize each and every cubby or playroom shelf, add rows of baskets instead, making cleanup a breeze. Simply toss toys into baskets and make a game out of it, too! 

    Baskets come in all shapes, textures and sizes, meaning there is a line of baskets to fit every playroom cubby, corner, nook and cranny imaginable.

  • Furniture Fixer-Upper

  • Does the furniture in your playroom need a quick fix? Add washable slipcovers to refresh an older couch. A fresh coat of chalk paint can do wonders for a play table. That old bookshelf? A simple declutter, some cubbies (with baskets, no less) can bring a cluttered space to life and allow for little minds to be drawn again to reading and exploring – all while you stay organized and sane.

  • Toy Refresh

  • Out with the old, in with the new-ish. A couple simple hacks can bring back your sanity on a dime. In fact, is it time to give your playroom toys a once-over? 

    • Replace outgrown toys via a neighborhood swap.
    • Toss worn out toys and check unused ones for battery replacements.
    • See what toys are hiding in baskets and aren’t being played with.

    In the process, who knows? Old can become new by just adding a fresh pair of AAs or rearranging what the kids see on a daily basis in their playroom.

  • The ABCs of Playroom Wall Decor

    Wall decals for kids that has the ABC's spelled out on a playroom wall.


    Just because you don’t want shelving that could fall over or pictures that could be broken doesn’t mean you have to settle for empty playroom walls.

    In fact, you can make your playroom walls both inspirational and educational by using vinyl wall decals and decorations for kids — specifically designed for playrooms with little ones in mind. 

    There are truly vinyl decals for every wall and every kid, including traditional ABCs or even posting the playroom rules on display for all to see. Maybe you have a little man cave or a little she shed, or perhaps a need something a little more versatile, your playroom walls are just a couple vinyl decals away from coming to life visually!


    Wall decals for kids that says 'Playroom Rules' on a kids playroom wall.


    Out of all the ways you can update your playroom, adding the vinyl wall decor for playrooms should be easy, versatile and removable as little minds expand and little minds grow through the years. 

    For your peace of mind and visual sanity, too.

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