Refresh Your Bedroom Walls With Inspired Vinyl Decals

April 09, 2021

Wall decal for bedroom that says ‘refresh your bedroom wall with inspired vinyl decals’ on a bedroom wall.

Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

Ahhh, your bedroom retreat. Simply no place like it.

Fresh sheets. Fresh threads. Fresh smells. 

Fresh… walls?

For many, it’s more like barely designed walls. Or perhaps even bare walls.

Unlike most rooms of our home, our bedroom walls often are viewed as an afterthought, with most attention tending to go toward making sure our more traveled spaces are designed with care.

However, your place of rest needs as much attention as the rest of your home. 

Elevate your place of rest with these bedroom wall decor ideas, and watch your master retreat come alive with warmth.

With a few simple vinyl wall decals and designs for your bedroom, your tired walls will turn into a sight for sore eyes.

Celebrate Love


1. Eternal Love


Wall decal for bedroom that says ‘Eternal Love’ on a bedroom wall.


This whimsical eternity loop design wraps your walls with a charming design that serves as a reminder love lasts forever.


2. I Have Found the One...


Wall decal for bedroom that says ‘I Have found the one whom my soul loves’ on a bedroom wall.


...whom my soul loves. Celebrate your spouse or partner each and every night as you remind each other where your heart truly lies.


3. I Love Us


Wall decal for bedroom that says ‘I love us’ on a bedroom wall.


Love is love in its purest form, but love is even better when it’s celebrated between two. Between “us.” This vinyl wall decal for your bedroom evokes the mutual feelings when two are together and when they are in love.

Celebrate Laughter


1. I Love Her Butt  / I Love His Beard


Wall decal for bedroom that says ‘I like her butt, I like his beard’ on a bedroom wall.


What is love without laughter? This hilarious vinyl wall decal perfect for your bedroom is sure to bring smiles and giggles into your coziest surroundings.


2. You, Me and The Dogs


Wall decal for bedroom that says ‘you me and the dogs’ on a bedroom wall.


If you know, you know. What started as a bedroom for us quickly became a bedroom for us — and them. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.


3. Love You More Than Yesterday …


Wall decal for bedroom that says ‘I love you more than yesterday- Yesterday you got on my nerves’ on a bedroom wall.


… (Yesterday You Got On My Nerves). 

There’s nothing that says love quite like being real. And with this loveable and laughable vinyl wall decal planted firmly in your bedroom, you’ll be glad your love lasts longer than the day.

Celebrate Sleep


1. Namastay In Bed


Wall decal for bedroom that says ‘Namastay in bed’ on a bedroom wall.


There’s no place like home. And there’s no place like your bedroom in your home. While some may choose to venture out, your walls will tell a different story with this vinyl decal. Nah, I’m going to stay right here. In bed.


2. But First … Sleep


Wall decal for bedroom that says ‘but first sleep’ on a bedroom wall.


There are the hustlers. The go-getters. The movers and the shakers. And while you may be all of the above, there’s one key ingredient that makes the movers of the world shakers of the world: Sleep. So, before you rise and grind, be sure to rest and recover with this cozy reminder of a vinyl wall decal.


3. Snuggle Up


Wall decal for bedroom that says ‘snuggle up’ on a bedroom wall.


Nothing says “cozy” more than snuggling under the covers with the one you love. Take time to rest, rejuvenate and recover as you unwind, stay in and snuggle up. 

These bedroom wall decor ideas will do more than liven up your bedroom; they’ll liven up your love for your bedroom — and each other — too.

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