Our Favorite Fall Decor Ideas

November 08, 2021

Fall graphic with yellow and brown leaves and words that say, 'our favorite fall decor ideas.'

Hey, y’all! It’s officially Fall! Whether you are just getting back from one final beach trip or you are already seeing temperatures drop in your area, one thing is certain: It’s time to refresh your surroundings (and your walls) with some fun Fall looks.

If you aren’t sure where to start, that’s OK! We’ve got you with our favorite Fall decor ideas sure to leaf you (oh no we didn’t …) inspired all Fall season long.

(Alright, we are done with the puns!)

  1. Fall Foliage

Leaves aren’t just for your yard. Grab faux fall foliage in the tune of fabric leaves in all shapes, colors and sizes and add them to your home for a Fall fix. You can sprinkle them on your mantle, add them to your table or string them together to create a Fall-inspired garland or wreath. The possibilities are endless, as are the amount of leaves you probably should start raking!

  1. Fall Colors

Another easy way to add a slice of Fall is by switching out your throw pillows and blankets. Add hues of golds, reds, oranges and browns to your living areas and in your guest rooms and bathrooms for a fall-like feel. Other ways to add Fall colors: Vases, candles, plates, placemats and picture frames, too.

  1. Fall Pumpkins

Whether real or faux, nothing says Fall quite like pumpkins. Add them to your porch, group them together on your dining room table for a focal point or put them around your fireplace for a Fall feel before fires become a daily staple.

  1. Fall Fillers

From clear vases to glass bowls, the more fillers the better. Grab a variety of Fall fillers to decorate in style. Some of our favorite ideas include filling them with corn, acorns, foliage, pinecones and more. Top with a candle to add some flair and watch the creative oohs and ahhs pour in from family and friends!

  1. Fall Candy

Whether it’s Halloween or Thanksgiving, let’s be honest; The best part of Fall really is the food, right? With a plethora of candy abounding, candy is one of the easiest and most budget-friendly ways to decorate your home for Fall. Grab candy corn to put in vases or sprinkle autumn-colored caramel wrapped candy on table-tops. For added playfulness, string candy into wreaths to decorate for added Fall fun!


  1. Fall Decals

Don’t forget your walls! Vinyl wall decals like this one exclaiming It’s Fall Y’all are an absolute must, whether for your interior walls or exterior door or porch. Easy to install and remove, they are the seasonal item you never knew you needed, until you get one for yourself to try!


Living room wall decals that say ‘it's fall y'all’ on a living room wall.

Go ahead and allow yourself to fall in love (oops, we did it again…) with Fall decor ideas like these. The more creative the better as you aim to warm up your home, your decor, your surroundings — and your walls — with trends like these.

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