Must-Have Holiday Party Wall Decor

December 14, 2021

Image of a wooden table with gifts, candy-canes, and words that say, 'Must-Have Holiday Party wall decor.'

It’s finally here! That party you have been looking forward to throwing all year. The guest list has been created. The invites have been sent out. The drinks ordered. The food set. All that’s missing is providing an atmosphere that’s ready for a party!

After all, it’s been quite a couple of years. Who isn’t ready to throw open their doors and let the good times roll?

All that’s left is the holiday party decor you need to impress your guests with more than just the drinks or the playlist — but the holiday decor, too.

However, here’s the kicker: Decor is more than simply what you put on your tables; it’s also what you can put on your walls, too.

Here are 5 ways you can enhance any party by sprucing up your wall decor, too:

  • Add color
  • Your holiday party likely has a theme. Is it a Winter Wonderland? A White Christmas? Traditional? Take your color palate and add pops of colors to your wall shelves in the form of blue, white, red or green splashes of color. Add color with pictures and frames or even canvases painted for the season.

  • Add texture
  • Your party is festive, but your walls are bare. It’s time to change that up! Add seasonal tapestries to not only add the colors you need, but also a layer of warmth and texture. Go with faux fur or luxurious satin to bring the festive season out. As a bonus, these can serve as backdrops to your party photo booth!

  • Add pictures
  • Bring out a wall display and collage of parties in years past! Not only will it guests talking and reliving memories, but it will remind everyone of exactly the kind of party vibe you wish to create — or recreate – this season, too!

  • Add sparkle
  • Nothing says holidays without a sparkle of the season. Whether your party is on the fancy side or the causal side, adding some sparkle in the form of hanging wall bulbs or sparkling lights brings a touch of the outdoors in.

  • Add decals
  • The best way to be sure your walls do the talking along with your guests is to add seasonal vinyl wall decals that reminds everyone that it’s the most wonderful time of the year or wish them a merry and bright season.


    Living room wall decals that say ‘It's the most wonderful time of the year.’ on a living room wall.


    With this guide to the must-have wall decor for your next holiday party, you’ll be more than ready to be the talk of the town — or at least the talk of the season — by pulling out all the stops and creating a space worth raving about in the days, weeks and months to come.

    And, who knows, perhaps this will become an annual celebration if it isn’t already?! 

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