Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

September 15, 2021

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Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Raise your hand if it feels like you live in your kitchen! If you feel this way, you aren’t alone. Studies have shown that we are spending less time cooking than our parents. However, with kitchens becoming increasingly open and combined with living spaces, we are actually “in” our kitchen more time than our parents, too!

With so much focus on your kitchen, it’s a good idea to focus on decorating it well. In fact, we’ve pulled together several kitchen wall decor ideas that will keep your eyes full while you work on filling the plates and fixing the appetites of friends and family around you.

8 Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

  1. Go Rustic

From cutting boards to baskets, wooden and woven designs are fantastic additions to your kitchen wall decor. Go the extra step of making your decor functional by adding charcuterie boards and filling your hanging baskets with spices and more!

  1. Recipe Wall

Why keep your recipes hidden away when you can put them on display? Either print out your favorite on oversize paper, or add a corkboard and pin your recipe cards to them for added interest.

  1. Chalkboard or Whiteboard Wall

Keep things personal by adding a chalkboard or whiteboard to a wall in your kitchen. Not only does it make list-keeping a breeze, but you can have friends and family leave notes to each other to personalize your kitchen walls in fun ways!

  1. (Cook)Book Shelf

There are bookshelves. Then, there are cookbook shelves. Hit up your local used book store and grab any and every cookbook you can find. Then, organize them by size, shape, color or even recipe type! 

  1. Getting Spicy

Don’t keep your spices locked away in a cabinet or pantry. Set them free — and set them out on your kitchen walls. There are various ways to display your spices, including modern racks to magnetic holders. Not only is it practical, but it’s truly beautiful, too!

  1. Wine-ing Allowed

Your wine glasses aren’t meant to live behind closed doors. Grab some custom vinyl decals for wine glasses and put them on a kitchen wall to display out loud — and proud! Go ahead and grab some. After all, wine not?


Custom Decals that say, ‘Liquid Therapy’ on a wine glass.


  1. Pot-ted Rack

You have splurged on the best pots and pans. Yet, when they are out of use, back to the cupboard they go. Not anymore! Grab some wood pallets and hooks, and bring your pots out to play! They make a fun and functional addition to any kitchen wall decor — most of all, yours!

  1. Custom Vinyl Wall Decals

There are countless ways to add quotes to your kitchen walls. From tacos to dishes to wine and coffee, there’s no telling the ways you can mix and match the perfect wall decal for your kitchen.


Wall decals for kitchen that say ‘Alexa, do the dishes’ on a kitchen wall.


Your kitchen is truly the heart of your home. Make sure you bring your personality and flair by adding a vinyl wall decal that makes your kitchen wall decor ideas come to life!

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