How to Refresh Your Wall Decor on a Budget

March 17, 2021

Stick on wall art that says, 'how to refresh your wall decor on a budget.'

Decorating On A Budget

You’ve done all the projects. Spent all the money.

The renovations. The updates. The redos and the now overdues.

But, you are still looking at your same four walls, ready to bring them from the quiet ‘10s into the roaring ‘20s.

Yet, you’ve spent all the big bucks on the big projects, so your walls are going to have to wait another year...right?


You actually can have your wall candy and eat it, too!

Here’s your how-to guide on turning your walls from the bare point to the focal point of the entire house, without taking out a second mortgage to do so.

Room Swap Wall Decor

Take a look around what you currently have hanging on your walls. It may be what you are using in your bedroom is better suited for your guest room. How about your laundry room? Swap what’s hanging in your bathroom.

Using what you already have and repurposing to other rooms is an inexpensive and fun way to decorate your walls on a shoestring budget.

Don’t Shelve Shelving

Shelving can range to the inexpensive to the very expensive, so be sure to do your due diligence. 

However, there are plenty of decently priced shelving that can serve to not only decorate your bare walls, but add interest as you add your current stock of books, art and decorative objects to the mix. 

Speaking of mix, mix it up with texture, colors and heights to create interest and warmth without breaking the bank.

Bargain Frame Hunt

Check out your local antique market, Goodwill or second-hand store for bargain frames. From there, you can toss the art and use the frames to create a collage on your walls. 

Pro tip: Within the frames, add vinyl decals with a saying straight onto your walls for a design sure to set the standard for chic and trendy.

Awaken the Inner Artist


Wall decal for kids that says, 'Don't let anyone steal your Sparkle' on a kid's room wall.


Grab a family member or friend, some inexpensive canvases and have a painting party! Add vinyl decals to the canvases and allow your inner artist to paint designs for a refreshing decorating idea you can add to any room. Involve the kids to create a playroom display for less than what it costs to buy that new Lego set they wanted! 

Vinyl Wall Decals 

Stick on wall art displaying multiple decals with a logo in the middle that says, 'Story Of Home Decals .Com'

As you can see, vinyl wall decals are the most versatile addition to any design idea for your home, but did you know they are also among the least expensive? For less than a couple cups of coffee, you can have the living room, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or kid’s room walls you’ve always wanted. 

Check out our collection of affordable vinyl wall decals that not only will save your budget — but your sanity, too!

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