How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Space for Summer

June 11, 2021

A back porch overlook a sunset view with words over laid that read, 'Creating the perfect outdoor space for summer.'

Creating The Perfect Outdoor Space for Summer

There have been few summers as anticipated as Summer 2021. From backyard barbecues to friends and family visits, the Summer of Love is getting a whole new meaning as many of us come to life post-Pandemic lockdowns and restrictions. Regardless if you plan to travel or stay put, one thing is sure: It’s time to get your backyard summer ready. Here are 7 ways you can bring the outdoors to life as you host more gatherings — more than you did in 2020!

  • Inside Out
  • Indoor decor fits perfectly outdoors when you think about cozying up your outdoor space. In fact, all home decor stores have a wide array of outdoor rugs, outdoor pillows and outdoor throws you can layer to make any seating area feel more like home. 

  • Color Me Happy
  • If your backyard is green on top of brown on top of green, it’s time to add a splash of color! From brightly colored Adirondack chairs to pops of hues via planters and flowers, adding color is a must to bring your backyard to life.

  • Keep It Clean
  • No one loves spring cleaning, but to get summer ready, it’s a necessary evil you’ll be glad you did when it’s finished. Spend time pulling weeds, freshening up your deck, and either grabbing (or hiring) a pressure washer to finish the job.

  • Out with the Old
  • Are your backyard chairs moldy? Is your grill rusted? One of the easiest ways to spruce up your backyard is to make an investment in new patio or deck furniture and upgrade your grill. Not only is it an immediate upgrade, but it’s sure to keep the neighbors talking — and gawking.

  • Light ‘Em Up
  • One of the simplest ways to get summer ready is to add fresh backyard lighting. From string lights to lanterns that keep bugs away, your backyard can easily transition from summer days to summer nights with a simple addition of some warm summer lights.

  • Fire It Up
  • No, not the grill. We’re talking about one of the best ways to upgrade your backyard and keep the conversations going. You guessed it: Add a fire pit! Fire pits can be finished in less than a day with several DIY kits on the market. Add some chairs (with that pop of color) and your backyard just went from bland to grand!


    Front door decal that says, ‘Leave your worries and shoes at the door’ on a front porch door.

  • More Back Door
  • The door from your backyard likely needs a little TLC after a long year. After you’ve pressure washed it, consider adding a fresh coat of paint. You can add a pop of color to match your new rug or plants. ANother idea is to simply add a fun vinyl decal for doors to remind your guest they are welcome inside — but please leave their shoes outside.

    Summer is calling, and your friends will be, too. Take these simple tips to be sure your backyard is ready for long summer days and hot summer nights.

    Collection of wall decals arranged at an angle with a logo in the middle that says, 'Story Of Home'

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