10 Creative Ways to Use Holiday Decor

December 20, 2021

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Christmas and the holiday season are right around the corner. As you pull out your boxes of decor, it may be time to evaluate if it’s “out with the old and in with the new” and ditch the old decor altogether in place of something new.

Or, is it simply time to repurpose what you already have in favor of buying a whole additional set of holiday decor?

No matter which route you choose, you don’t have to simply put the same decor in the same place and use it the same way you did last year. In fact, a new year calls for a new twist on the same holiday – especially in 2021.

Here are 10 creative ways to use holiday decor — whether it’s new decor altogether, or in a new place altogether.

  1. Garland

Instead of putting it over the mantle or down the stairs, garland can act as a welcoming invite into your dining room or kitchen. Simply drape it over doorways as an refreshing invitation for all to come in!

  1. Wreaths

Not only are they for doors or windows, but draping wreaths on walls in groups of two or three can offer a fresh vibe on decor once reserved for doors.

  1. String lights

Move the sparkle from the tree to your walls and more. Zig-zag string lights everywhere you can imagine. From your tabletop to vases, from walls and stairways, your guests will say “Let there be light” as you repurpose your string light across your home for a holiday touch.

  1. Candles

Creatively use candles in bunches on table tops and mantles, and then light when the sun goes down. Or, gather them into your fireplace to add a touch of homemade elegance once reserved for the kitchen table alone.

  1. Stockings

Move stockings from the mantle-only to a creative touch in your guest room walls above the bed to using them to add towels and soaps in the guest bathroom. No matter their place, stockings are fun ways to bring warmth to every room!

  1. Ornaments

Fill a vase or bowl with colorful ornaments to use as a table top decoration or on the mantle for extra class and fun! Mix and match glitter ornaments in all shapes and sizes with glass ones for an added touch of sparkle, too.

  1. Vinyl Wall Decals

While you can repurpose old decor into fresh and creative new looks for the holiday, don’t forget to add a vinyl decal for your walls to bring some new into the old. From Merry Christmas to believing in Christmas magic to even a silent night, there’s a holiday decal sure to get everyone in the mood for the happiest season of all. 


Living room wall decals that say ‘Merry Christmas’ on a living room wall.

There are countless holiday vinyl wall decals for your home that cost less than a new stocking, so be sure to brighten up your walls as you countdown the days to the most wonderful time of the year.

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