8 Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Dining Room for Less

August 02, 2021

Image of a dining room with beautiful interior decor with an image overlay that says, '8 easy ways to spruce up your dining room for less.'

8 Ways To Spruce Up Your Dining Room

It’s been months since you’ve hosted one. Sure, outdoor gatherings are all the rage, but now you’re ready. You’ve been waiting. You are about to fling open your doors and welcome your friends and family inside for a dinner party.

But, gasp...the dining room has been sitting bare for all these months. What’s a host to do? Well, you’re in luck! With these eight simple upgrades you’ll go from a stressed-out host to a decked-out host in no time flat.

  • Clean the Walls
  • This might sound obvious, but it’s easily the quickest way to update your dining room after a year of sticky fingers and meal after meal indoors. Grab a magic eraser or a baby wipe and get those floorboards spic and span. While you’re at it, wipe down the walls and say goodbye to those messy handprints for good. (Or, well, for now!)

  • Color the Walls
  • If a simple wipe-down isn’t enough, it may be time to add a fresh coat of paint. Or, even better, go with a whole new pallet! Color trends for 2021 are here to stay, so it’s OK to be out with the gray and in with the teal. In fact, blue-greens, teals, pinks and more are making a big comeback as homeowners flee from the drab gray of the prior decade.

  • Deck the Walls
  • There’s absolutely nothing easier than adding an inexpensive vinyl decal created just for your dining room walls. Whether you aim to add a touch of class or celebrate gatherings, there is a vinyl wall decal for everyone that brings rooms — and friends — together.


    Wall decals for kitchen that say ‘friends and family gather here’ in a script font in a dining room.


  • Modernize Your Decor
  • Does your dining room consist of Aunt Betty’s hand-me-down hutch or Cousin Linda’s outdated dining table? It may be time for an upgrade. Simply switch out the dated pieces with a quick trip to a home store. If a fancy hutch isn’t your style (Sorry, Mom), it’s OK to ditch it for a sleek buffet that suits your style.

  • Add a Bar Cart
  • Speaking of modernizing your decor, instead of switching out current pieces, consider adding a new one such as a fancy bar cart. From designs with wheels to mirror and brass, there’s a style for everyone that is sure to get the guests talking, especially as they ask to pour one more!

  • Display Stemware
  • Do you have glassware you absolutely love? Or perhaps you decided to have a little fun and give them a refresh with vinyl glassware decals that are made for guests. Don’t leave those conversation pieces tucked away in a cabinet. Instead, bring them to life by adding shelving and displaying them — just in time for your next dinner party.


    Custom Decals that say, ‘you had me at merlot’ on a wine glass.


  • Upgrade Lighting
  • You don’t need a fancy, expensive chandelier to add class and beauty to your dining room. With tons of modern-day options, your lighting can move from dusty and outdated to classy and modern with a quick switch for less than you may think. Choose a beaded chandelier or a globe-inspired sphere to bring a powerful focal point to your dining room.

  • Refresh Table Decor
  • Whether your table is bare or cluttered with old placemats, simply switching out your centerpiece or adding one can work wonders to update your dining room ahead of a gathering. Add texture and even a throw as a runner, plus a tray and large glass container with eucalyptus leaves for a modern twist to your mom’s runner. 

    Your dining room is the heart of your home along with your kitchen. With these easy upgrades, your dining room will quickly be ready to welcome guests eager to break bread with open arms, this summer and beyond!

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