5 Reasons to NOT buy Vinyl Decals for Your Walls

April 13, 2021

Wall decals & stickers that say, '5 reasons to not buy vinyl decals for your walls' on a living room wall.

Reasons Why You Don't Want To Use Vinyl Wall Decals In Your Home

Your home is your haven. Safe place. It’s the place your story is being written, and a place you love. And your proverbial “four walls” that serve as a protection from the outside world are also a place to get a peek into your inner world.

Since spending more time at home, you now have a unique opportunity for your home to become an extension of you, too — and everything you love expressed on your four walls.

There are several ways you can choose to decorate your surroundings, but be warned: Vinyl wall decals should not be one of them. ;)

No matter if you are thinking about adding vinyl decals or vinyl decorations for your bathroom, bedroom, living room, dining room, home office, playroom or more, one thing is for sure: Here are five reasons you should NOT choose them.

5 Reasons to NOT buy Vinyl Decals for Your Walls

  • You Want to Be Stuck With One Design for Years

  • Simply put, the idea of permanent fixtures is appealing. Why choose removable vinyl decals for your walls when you can install something that will take nothing short of a sledgehammer to remove? You love a challenge, afterall, and vinyl wall decals are just too easy.

  • You Want to Spend a Fortune on Wall Decor

  • When it comes to budget, your middle name is “Big Spender.” In fact, you don’t even have a budget for home decor because budgets are for quitters. You love to find the most expensive wall decor available and double down on that. Money is no object, so why choose a cost-effective and beautiful option when you can rack up those pricey options instead?

  • You Like to Repaint Your Walls

  • After you change out design after design for your walls, it’s become a labor or love to have to repaint the entire thing. With vinyl decals for walls, however, there’s no damage left behind, nor is there any glue residue, meaning you don’t get the satisfaction of getting to repaint the entire room or patch countless holes time and time again.

  • You Dislike Versatile Options

  • Wall decals for the living room that say, 'in all things give thanks' on a living room wall.


    New season means new wall decor. But not for you. You don’t like having the options to add vinyl wall decorations to your bedroom, bathroom or living room. You stick to niche objects and breakable decor when you could use vinyl wall decals for your dining room for Thanksgiving.

  • You Like Difficult Projects

  • Wall decals for the living room that say, 'Every family has a story Welcome to ours' on a living room wall.


    If it doesn’t require 58 steps and more pieces to put together than an IKEA bookshelf, you don’t want to have anything to do with it. After all, if it’s too simple, then it must not be beautiful. Because when you look at vinyl wall decals, you see simplicity and elegance. And they definitely lose their appeal once you realize how simple it is to put on and remove decals quickly and hassle-free.

    While these are just a few of the reasons you may not want to buy wall decals for your office, living room, laundry room or more, in the case you actually do want to buy them, we are here to help you write your story — one wall decal at a time!


    Vinyl Decorations for Walls arranged on various surfaces and rooms.

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