5 Inexpensive Decorative Touches for Your Living Room 

June 01, 2021

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Inexpensive Way To Decorate Your Living Room


Make no mistake, wall decor can come with a hefty price tag. From custom wood signs to expensive picture frames, if you want your home to stand out, it often means you have to fork over a lot of cash to do so.


Luckily, we at Story of Home Decals know your pain as we want to decorate our own homes on a shoestring budget, too. We’ve searched high and low to find you money-saving ways to improve your home’s aesthetics in a way that commands attention without crushing your budget.


In the first of our four-part series where we are breaking down affordable design tips within reach, we’re tackling five financially friendly decorative touches for your living room:


  • Re-purposeful
  • Check out your other rooms and even take a peek in your attic. Can that cute frame in your daughter’s room go with your living room? How about that large canvas in your guest bathroom? When you take the time to take inventory of what you already have, making the switch can not only breathe new life into your surroundings, but into the decor as well.


  • Bring Lighting Into Focus
  • Is your living room too dark? If you can’t add natural light, the best way to add interest is to add lamps. Use varying designs to add intrigue, or swap out shades to soften the glow. Place matching lamps on either side of your couches for balance and warmth. Adding more lighting to your living room immediately adds an elegant touch for a fraction of the fancy price. 


  • Removable Wallpaper
  • From Home Depot to Home Goods, you can easily find bargain decor to fill your living room with unique knick knacks and decor. But when it comes to your walls, one of the most intriguing and inexpensive options is peel-and-stick wallpaper. From luxurious to simple, it’s the easy way to add texture without breaking the bank.


  • Go Big
  • You’ve heard the phrase, “Go big or go home.” Well, how about going big at home? It often only takes one oversize piece to set the room and grab interest. Even if you spend a little more upfront with one, you can save a lot on the back end by not filling up your space with unnecessary clutter. Whether it’s an oversize wall, canvas, frame or more, go big to save more!


  • Vinyl Wall Decals
  • While we are talking budgets, adding a vinyl wall decal to your living room is one of the easiest and most versatile choices out there. They are easy to peel and stick, removable on a dime without costing you a pretty penny. You can experiment with a large design or add a quote to reflect your family’s personality. All for a fraction of the price of a framed quote from even discount stores!


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