5 Inexpensive Decorative Touches for Your Kitchen

June 16, 2021

Wall decals for kitchen that say ‘5 Inexpensive Decorative Touches for Your Kitchen’ on a kitchen wall.

5 Inexpensive Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen

Let’s face it: You spend an incredible amount of time in your kitchen. When it comes to refreshing and updating a room, however, your kitchen is the easiest to overlook.

I mean, who has the time or money for a costly renovation project?

If it’s on your list to make some updates while not breaking the bank, look no further than a few creative ways that might go heavy on time and attention, but easy on your wallet.

In this second installment of our four-part 'Inexpensive Series' we are breaking down affordable design tips within reach, we’re tackling five financially friendly decorative touches for your kitchen:

  • Paint Kitchen Cabinets

  • Adding a fresh coat of paint is by far the most effective way to update any space. Start with a neutral base, and watch your updated cabinets make your kitchen come to life.

  • Replace Cabinet Doors

  • If you don’t want to go through the hassle of painting, you can update and modernize your kitchen simply by giving your doors a facelift — or replace them altogether! Add molding or sleek lines for a new look on a small budget.

  • Replace Hardware

  • So, you don’t want to go through an entire renovation or even the sweat equity of adding paint or new cabinet doors. The next best thing? New hardware. Replace your old knobs for some new ones, and bring your kitchen back from the ‘90s and into the 2021s!

  • Update Storage

  • From clear containers to matching ceramic ones, there are so many ways to update your kitchen with coordinate storage. As a bonus, create spaces for coffee, prep work, baking wear, utensils and more. Turn a cluttered kitchen into a chef’s dream space simply through organizational details.

  • Vinyl Decals

  • Last but not least, there are countless vinyl decals for kitchens sure to bring peace and productivity into one of the most active spaces in your home. From inspirational quotes to wine lovers, taco lovers and more — there’s truly something for everyone for less than the price of tonight’s family dinner. 


    Wall decals for kitchen that say ‘BLESS THE FOOD BEFORE US THE FAMILY BESIDE US AND THE LOVE BETWEEN US’ on a kitchen wall.

    From paint to updates to decals and designs, there are so many ways to refresh and redo your kitchen to reflect your personality, all while sticking to a budget. Give these ideas a whirl and watch your kitchen go from OK to Oh YAY!

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