5 Ideas to Liven Up a Dull Room

February 18, 2021

Vinyl wall decal that says, '5 ideas to liven up a dull room' on a living room wall.

Liven Up Your Home Wall Decor

Dull. Dark. Drab.

Not exactly the feelings you hope to evoke as you enter a room. 

Whether it’s your kitchen, your office, your sitting room or guest room, your house should feel the exact opposite of these words.

The rooms in your home should feel warm, winsome and welcoming. And you shouldn’t have to call an interior designer to help you achieve this feeling when you are a few quick tips away from turning a boring room into a warm haven.

  • Add Texture

  • Pillows, blankets, accents oh my! Take a quick inventory of what’s in the room, and what’s missing from the room. Adding quick pops of texture in the form of accent pillows, a chunky knit blanket and vinyl decals for walls are all easy, quick and inexpensive ways to add interest and texture to your dull room without breaking the bank.

  • Add Color

  • From accent walls to lively decor, adding color in a dull room serves to grab the eye and bring interest into a formerly boring room. But, don’t go overboard. Adding too much color can instead overwhelm the senses and replace a sense of boring with a sense of overload. The right combination adds a hint of color with a secondary visual interest such as using decals for the bathroom to bring a bit of flair with the pop of color.

    Wall decals for the bathroom that say, 'never stop dreaming' on a bathroom mirror.

  • Add Personality

  • Speaking of adding a bit of flair, even if the room in question isn’t frequented much, you can still add a bit of fun when you make your walls more fun while doing not-so-fun activities. For example, just because folding laundry is a chore, doesn’t mean your walls have to be a bore. Consider adding decals for the laundry room to remind yourself that although there is laundry to be done, there are people here to be loved

    Laundry room wall decal that says, 'I was going to throw in the towel but I have so much laundry already' on a laundry room wall.
  • Let There Be Light

  • One of the easiest ways to liven up a dull room is to add lighting. A new light fixture, brighter bulbs (check factory settings first) fun lamp shades and even candles have a way to brighten up even the most boring of rooms. And, once you have lightened up the place a bit, be sure to check the walls to make sure they aren’t laying bare — now that you can actually see them!

  • No Wall Left Behind

  • Now that the inside of your dull room has been updated with color, texture, lighting and more, be sure your walls aren’t left boring and bare. Adding funny quotes to the kitchen or dining room. Add an inspirational quote to the living room or bedroom. No matter which decal or decoration you choose, it’s sure to add warmth and welcome to a formerly dull and dreary room.

    Living room wall decals that say ‘as for me and my house we will serve tacos’ on a living room wall.


    By taking these five ideas and making them yours, every room in your house will be ready to welcome its visitors each and every time. Even if its visitor is … well, you!

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