4 Home Decor Trends to Last Beyond 2020

January 10, 2021

Wall decal for the office that says ‘See ya 2020!’ on an office wall.

Home Decor Trends That Will Last

So long, 2020.

If there has ever been a year many of us have been excited to exit, it’s likely this one. 

However, even with the uncertainty that defined the start of the new decade, there were some bright spots, too. 

In fact, if you are like us at Story of Home, it likely was the story you wrote in your home in 2020.

So, before we say goodbye to a year for the record books, let’s say hello to some design trends we see remaining in the home decor playbook in the years ahead.

1. Remaining at Home

While stay-at-home orders have been lifted in most parts of the country, there’s still a desire for most Americans to spend time at home, both while working or simply residing. This trend will likely continue even as vaccine distribution becomes increasingly available toward the mid part of the year. 

And you know what? We aren’t mad about it. Unless, of course, your rooms are drab. 

More time at home in the year ahead means even more reason to update your surroundings with wall decals, especially in high-trafficked areas such as your living room, bathroom, home office, homeschooling spaces and bedroom.

2. Refreshing More Walls 

With more time and attention being spent at home, homeowners and renters alike spent much of 2020 staring at the same four walls. And many didn’t exactly like what they saw.

In fact, with extra cash to spare instead of spending it on dining out, sporting events and entertainment, consumers have overwhelmingly shifted their spending to splurge on home decor. 

Wall vinyl decor is no different. The industry is experiencing what similar home decor industries are: More customers using either their extra cash or stimulus to deck their halls — and their walls — in a trend that isn’t showing signs of slowing down. 

In fact, you can steal these top looks for your walls in 2021 now by visiting our Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas page.

Vinyl wall decal that says, 'Today is a good for a good day' on a living room wall.

3. Renovating More Bathrooms

Nothing says rejuvenation quite like a bathroom refresh. Along with adding vinyl decor to walls in 2020, the bathroom redux trend is one we see extending well into 2021. Whether you are escaping the grind or simply need to unwind, your bathroom will continue to be a safe haven. So, honor your sacred space with updated vinyl decals for your bathroom mirror, walls  or even adding a vinyl decal to your tissue holder.

Wall decals for the bathroom that says, 'escape from everyday life' on a bathroom wall.

4. Restoring Intimate Gatherings

With social distancing guidelines firmly in place, gatherings have continued to be smaller and more intimate. This is another trend that will likely last much of 2021. However, just because your gatherings are smaller doesn’t have to mean your design taste has to be as well.

Adding custom wood signs to your entryway and decals for wine glasses are two trends that will only continue to rise in popularity in the months ahead. 

Go ahead and splurge on vinyl decals and custom designs to create a more intimate feel to your small gatherings as you realize, home truly is where the heart is. 

And smaller, more intimate gatherings with the right touches go a long way to making our surroundings feel larger than life — one trend that we are happy to see remain into the years ahead.

Wall art stick on for a custom wood sign that says ' The Johnson's established 2008'


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