2021 Personal Gift-Giving Guide

April 20, 2021

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Wall Decor Gift Ideas

“It’s the thought that counts.”

If there’s a trend that we could send by the wayside in 2021, it would be using gift cards for gifts! Call us old-fashioned, but we love the idea of thoughtful and creative gifts. But thanks to the pandemic, 2020 has seen our friends, family, and relatives rack up gift card after gift card.

We believe in the value of personal touches that make us human and make our relationships special. And gift-giving provides the perfect opportunity to do that for the ones we love! 

Whether you are giving a gift for a new baby, an anniversary, a bridal shower, birthday or “Just Because You Outlasted 2020,” we are here to make sure this year is the best year for giving the gift that will be enjoyed for years to come.

And, yes, vinyl decals are absolutely at the top of the lists!

Baby Shower

There will always be registry must-haves from the stroller to the crib, bedding, bathing and beyond. But, your gift of personal wall decals for the nursery or playroom is sure to be a hit as the parents-to-be check off one more thing from their to-do list.


1. Baby Girl: Being you really is the prettiest thing you can be. Let’s celebrate the beauty within with this vinyl decal that calls out the beauty inside the newest addition.


Wall decal for kids that says ‘being yourself is the prettiest thing you can be’ on a kid’s room wall.


2. Baby Boy: Strength and courage go hand-in-hand in this vinyl decal perfect for every little boy’s nursery. Remind them of who they are each and every day.


Wall decal for kids that says ‘be strong and courageous’ on a kid’s room wall.


3. Playroom: This saying reminds big kids and parents alike to “let them be little.” When the world wants them to grow up too quickly, this vinyl playroom decal anchors them in childhood in the sweetest possible ways.


Wall decal for kids that says ‘please let them be little’ on a kid’s room wall.


Shop the entire collection of wall decals for nursery and playrooms here.


Bridal Shower / Anniversary

There’s no feeling quite like giving the gift of love to celebrate a union. Whether it’s a first anniversary or 50th, these choices are sure to be a hit with the happy couple.


1. Always & Forever: Like love, this vinyl wall decal for the bedroom reminds the happy couple that yes, always and forever does exist.


Wall decal for bedroom that says ‘always and forever’ on a bedroom wall.


2. All Because Two People Fell in Love: A timeless reminder that love is worth fighting for. And their home filled with memories is proof.


Wall decal for bedroom that says ‘all because two people fell in love’ on a bedroom wall.


3. And So They Built a Life They Loved: ‘Nuff said. Cue the tears with this one.


Wall decal for bedroom that says ‘and so they built a life they loved’ on a bedroom wall.


House Warming

If there’s one thing a lot of people did this year, it’s purchase a new home or move to a different one. Celebrate their new digs with a vinyl decal that uniquely celebrates them.


1. Wine Not: Vinyl decals aren’t just for the walls, you know! You can also get them for wine glasses as the perfect housewarming gift for the vino drinker you know.


Custom Decals that say, ‘wine not’ on a wine glass.


2. Just Here to Stir the Pot: Have a cook in your life? This vinyl decal for crockpots, slow cookers and more is sure to bring a smile to their face with the highly personal touch.


Custom Decals that say, ‘just here to stir the pot’ on an instant pot.


3. Wooden Family Sign: The finishing touch to any new house, home, apartment and more is a wood sign designed specifically with their family in mind.


Custom home wood signs that says, ‘the Johnson's’ on a wall.

No matter what the occasion is, this year is the perfect time to send a gift that will set itself apart from the rest. Be sure to check out our entire selection of vinyl wall and assorted decals for all of your gifting needs.

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