10 Faith Inspired Wall Decals

October 21, 2021

An image of a steeple with white words written over a blue background that say, '10 wall decals to inspire your faith'

When things get a little crazy and chaotic in the outside world, it makes sense that you would want to do all that you can to make your house truly a home. And within that home, a place that can offer comfort and encouragement to all those who enter it.

Here are 10 of our favorite, faith-inspired vinyl wall decals that you can use to create a home full of encouragement. 

Amazing Grace

How sweet the sound, indeed. Add one of the most loved hymns that stands the test of time to your walls and watch grace surround your home and fill your heart.

Bless this Home

Nothing says hostess quite like being a blessing to all who enter your home. This vinyl wall decal serves as a reminder that everyone who enters your home is worthy of blessing.

Faith, Hope and Love

Faith makes all things possible. Hope makes all things bright. Love makes all things work. Simply put, faith, hope, and love usually work best together. :)

It is Well With My Soul

We all need to take a breather and be reminded that even when the world and surroundings seem unwell, you can still feel at peace inside. This vinyl wall decal serves as the sweet reminder we all need at times.

Love God Love Others

Seems easy enough, right? Let this decal remind you of what is most important most days. 

Love is Patient Love is Kind

We think this is the best kind of love. Such beautiful words, and such a beautiful reminder to love in a way that can inspire others. 

Our Family … Kept by God

No one holds family together quite like love. Let this wall decal deepen your love with a daily reminder of what your family is built on.

Pray About Everything

Worrying comes easy these days, but this decal reminds us that there’s a way to make those worries shrink a bit.

Then Sings My Soul

Another classic hymn that is worth repeating on the walls of our home and inside our hearts. Allow this vinyl wall decal to remind your soul to sing.

With God All Things are Possible

It’s easy to lose sight of faith when life seems impossible. However, this vinyl wall decal clearly reminds us that with the right perspective all things truly are possible.

Adding a vinyl wall decal like these above is one small way you can add some comfort and encouragement to your home’s wall decor. It’s the perfect way to incorporate emotional warmth into the house you have chosen to call home. 

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