Wall Decor Ideas For Your Budget

October 27, 2021

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You love decorating. Turning your house into a home. In fact, if you could do this for a living, you probably would, right?

Well, even if it’s just a hobby, chances are you still have to stick to a budget. But, have no fear, just because you have a dollar amount in mind, it doesn’t mean you can’t get the most bang for your hard-earned bucks.

From the affordable to the downright budget-friendly, here’s how you can have your proverbial cake — and eat it, too — with designs and ideas you (and your wallet) are sure to love.

Wall Decor Repurposing

Could your current bedroom wall decor look good in your living room? How about your guest room decor in your bedroom? Or, check out your bathroom decor. Could it fit in your laundry room?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to using what you are already have and repurposing wall decor. Not only will it breathe new life into your wall decor, but your rooms, too.

Shelve It

When pricing shelves, they can range from uber cheap to uber expensive. Materials matter, so be sure to do your homework on what matters the most, and be prepared to go faux wood and materials if needed.

Once you decide on the shelves needed to fit your budget, don’t stop there. Check out your local antique store or flea market to add books, art or other decorative objects to the mix. 

Speaking of mix, mix it up with texture, colors and heights to create interest and warmth without breaking the bank.

Paint, Please

Grab your partner, spouse or a friend and make a fun night in or out as you awaken your inner artist for a painting party. For a twist, add vinyl wall decals to wood or canvases to create your own masterpieces to display. 

Not only is it budget-friendly, but it creates bonding moments relationships are built on!

Plant City

Adding hanging foliage and greenery is the perfect way to breathe life into your bare walls. With countless ways to display your potted plants, there are possibilities galore. From display cases to shelves and even standalone hanging plants, you can find a fresh design perfect for your budget.

Vinyl Wall Decals

We’ve saved the best for last, of course. Suffice to say, we know a thing or two about vinyl wall decals around here. Not only are they affordable, budget-friendly ways to add personality, fun, motivation, class and personality to your space —  but they are the best way to do so without breaking the bank (or your walls!). 


Wall decal for kids in a black color that says ‘Playroom Rules’ on a kid’s room wall.


With hundreds and hundreds to choose from for every room in your house — even your kids’ playrooms — we’ve got your walls covered for everything from the holidays to the every days to your front door, bathroom door and everything in between!

Living room wall decals that say ‘Believe in the magic of Christmas’ on a living room wall.

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