5 Inexpensive Decorative Touches for Your Office

July 05, 2021

Wall decal for the office that says ‘5 inexpensive decorative touches for your office’ on an office wall.

Decorative Touches for Your Office

Let’s face it: Working from home is here to stay. Whether your company is heading back in the office for some of the time, or you are working solely remotely from here out, your home office likely is in need of a refresh after a year of it being temporary housing.

As mentioned in a previous blog, studies show that the more soothing your visual surroundings are, the more likely you are to be productive. One of the best ways you can do that is by addressing your office surroundings and making some aesthetic updates, but at a fraction of the cost of a complete redesign.

In the second of our four-part series where we are breaking down affordable design tips within reach, we’re tackling five financially friendly decorative touches for your office:

  • Move Aside

  • Your first step is to carve out a permanent home for your office surroundings. If you were in your bedroom, is there a nook you can move to? If it’s in your living room, can you carve out space in a spare bedroom?

    Once you have found a more permanent home, the next step is to position your desk so that it faces natural light if possible. If it’s not, position your desk in a place where you have full view of the room — more than simply just your computer screen. Simply changing your scenery as a way to update your office is not only the most cost-effective option, but it’s also the most productive one, too.

  • Organize It

  • Moving the clutter off your desk — and desktop — and into a wall organization unit is a budget-friendly way of adding visual interest and organization to any space. Some simple ideas include adding bins and desktop filing organizers. Don’t forget to add a calendar to your walls and even an old-fashioned wall clock for visual interest.

    Keeping your space organized by adding organizational touches is the easiest, most budget-friendly way to add visual interest and sophistication to any home office space.


    Wall decal for the office that says ‘Believe in Yourself’ on an office wall.

  • Get Quotable
  • If you’ve been staring at the same blank walls for a year, it’s time for a change. Plus, a change that won’t cost you much change.

    Many clients have loved turning their office into an inspirational space with a custom quote vinyl wall decal for your home office sure. Not only will it make your space feel more settled, it’ll also help you be more productive as you close that deal, finish that project or send that contract. 

    No matter what or where your office resides, these 3 easy ways to make your office space truly your own while sticking to a budget all your own.

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